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A New Book published in December 2013 covering the history of Guernsey's St John Ambulance Transport Section from it's inception in 1936 with a second hand Ambulance operating out of a builders yard, through the five years of German occupation 1940-1945 and onto its immediate development after the Occupation years up to 1952.

The book is a hard back in large A4 format with dust cover. It has 340 pages and around 450 photos and scanned documents .

Around 200 of those photos taken by Reg Blanchford who was St John Transport Officer during the Occupation years and was seldom without his camera.

The German Ziess 120 Camera used by Reg Blanchford during the German Occupation of Guernsey

Main photo on cover above shows a German anti-tank gun crew setting up their gun right in the entrance to Guernsey's Ambulance Station. The Feldkommandant was contacted by St John Transport Officer Blanchford and the gun was removed within 20 minutes without problem.

A German Tank trundels up the Rohais past the Ambulance Station and is photographed by Reg Blanchford.

The Photo to the right shows the Occupation Ambulance Transport Section after the the Germans had issued orders that St John Uniforms were not to be worn. A red cross armband was all that was allowed:


Front row left to right: Transport Officer Reg Blanchford & Sgt. John Dorey.


Rear row left to right: Pte. Trevor Sauvarin, Cpl. Charlie Froome & Pte. Ernie Oliver.




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Ambulances used during the German Occupation


8.30am Friday 14th May 1943, St John Ambulance number 3 was at the White Rock Harbour during a British air raid. On board were Pte. T Sauvarin and nurse Miss G de Garis. During the raid five German sailors were injured and the Germans requested that they be taken to the German Military Hospital at Le Vauquiedor. The Ambulance station was contacted and a second ambulance dispatched as the full situation and total number of injuried were unknow. The first ambulance headed for the Military Hospital with its five casualties . Meanwhile Transport Officer Reg Blanchford along with Sgt. John Dorey and Supt. J Dear (who happened to be at the station at the time) headed for the White Rock in ambulance number 4 only to be told that there were no other casualties and they returned to the station.

Ambulance No 3

Private Trevor Sauvarin

Nurse Gladys de Garis

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